"The best defense is a good offense”. The Procore Direct Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams proactively seek ways to improve production processes, quality, and scheduling for each and every order. Risk Management is not a passive or reactionary activity. On site, and in-line inspections are the way we ensure quality products at all times. Our Engineers and Inspectors monitor production at the factory and can report and address any issues real time to the Project Team and customer to ensure prompt action and remain on schedule.

Final Inspections of finished goods are conducted on site to ensure all design, technical, production, packaging and labeling specifics and standards were met. All products are tested prior to shipment, and where third party certifications are required, we engage them independently.

After final production inspection and prior to delivery, Procore Direct conducts a Loading Inspection of each container, checking that the products are packed according to the our predetermined loading plan, and to confirm the products’ safety throughout transport.

Hands-on production and inspection management are key differentiators that separate Procore Direct from others.